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Vermiculite in Homes

The EPA states that “… home testing vermiculite in attics is not currently practical. Therefore it is best to assume that the material may contain asbestos and take the appropriate precautions…” 

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Mold in the Refrigerator… What To Do?

Do you know a good way to grow some mold in a refrigerator?  Here are 3 easy steps: 1. Turn off a refrigerator. 2. Leave the door closed. 3. Wait a few weeks. See the attached photos. A great environment for mold to grow has been created-  no air circulating, mild temperature and plenty of…

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Some Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in Schools

Back to school after summer vacation is one of the best times to find some mold growth in schools. If you have read my last article about Mold in Offices, you should know that moisture is the main problem via either leakage or condensation and the same preventative tips as used for offices will also…

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