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Brian Santos, Training Manager

Brian Santos at Chem Scope, Inc

Brian has been working at Chem Scope since May of 2008 and is a BGS Graduate of UCONN. He serves the company as a principal instructor and Training Manager for asbestos and lead classes as well as certain OSHA related offerings. Brian is an instructor for asbestos and lead classes. In addition to delivering the information to the students, Brian takes a lead role in keeping the information up to date. This includes searching for new information as well as finding new ways to deliver old information. As an instructor, Brian understands the importance of combining knowledge of topic with a sense of flow. His approach inside the classroom is the same as it is outside and that is to come from a space of kindness, compassion and joy. He feels this approach works well in the classroom because “I need to hear the students if I expect them to hear me.” His ability to connect with people and engage them is a strength and one reason that Chem Scope approached him about the teaching job.

Brian is a lifelong resident of Connecticut and a married father of three boys. He continues to serve his community as a coach of youth baseball and youth basketball. In 2012 Brian gained certification from the Amrit Yoga Institute as a Level 2 Yoga Instructor. He teaches Amrit styled yoga weekly and serves as a meditation facilitator. 2012 also saw Brian employed as an adjunct professor with Gateway Community College to teach non-credit classes related to home energy usage. Before coming to Chem Scope he spent 10 years as a stay at home father and before that, 10 years in the automotive business.

Brian has served as a teacher / coach for over twenty years. When asked what he enjoys about it most he says that the answer is very simple. “I like people a lot, I do, and that cannot be minimized but I also really like to learn. For me, if I have a dugout filled with 12 ten year olds or an asbestos refresher with 12 adults, then I get 12 teachers for the day and how great is that.” He finished the statement off by adding “ I didn’t start to really learn until I started to listen when I taught”.