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Lead Inspections and Consulting

Lead Inspection using XRF

Lead Inspection using XRF

Are you concerned about lead exposure?

Lead has no known function in the human body and has only harmful effects on our health. Each time we are exposed to lead, some is stored in our bodies for the rest of our lives. The body will hold more lead if there is a calcium or iron deficiency in the diet.

Children are especially sensitive to lead. About 50% of the lead ingested is absorbed by the blood. Children are generally more likely to ingest lead dust from:
1. Hand to mouth contact after touching a surface with lead dust such as a floor, window sill or soil area (often after renovation)
2. Eating paint chips
3. Drinking lead contaminated water
4. Playing with lead contaminated toys, candy or jewelry

Adults too are at serious risk from overexposure, although only about 10-15% of the lead ingested is absorbed by the blood. Adults generally ingest lead from breathing it in occupationally.

Exposure to lead primarily effects the brain and nervous system. Lead can damage enzymes in the brain and lower the IQ. 

Lead poisoning is entirely avoidable.

Common contexts for lead consulting and inspection through ChemScope:

  • Pre-renovation
  • Pre-demolition
  • Assessment after damage
  • Pre-purchase
  • Insurance company requirements
  • Hazardous waste evaluation including TCLP
  • Day cares or pre-schools
  • Homes with children under six 
  • HUD compliance
  • Air monitoring for OSHA compliance
  • Abatement plans
  • Correction plans
  • Management plans
  • Dust wipes
  • Soil sampling
  • Water sampling
  • Training: click here for more information

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