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Mold Inspections and Indoor Air Quality Testing

Why is Indoor Air Quality and Mold Control Important?

Indoor air quality affects our health, comfort, and productivity, especially for those of us who spend most of our time indoors.  There are more pollutants indoors than outdoors in most cases.

Molds can cause allergic responses in some individuals and trigger asthma episodes for an estimated 15 million Americans.

What Causes Mold Growth?

The indoor and outdoor air is loaded with mold spores. Nutrients plus moisture are needed are needed for growth. Any organic matter is mold food.  Cellulose is the most common organic matter found in building materials, including wood and wood products, paper covering on sheetrock, cotton or wool fabric, glue holding insulation and other items together, carpets and fabrics, and dirt.

Click here for some tips for preventing mold growth in the office.

Typical ChemScope mold and indoor air quality services:

  • Visual and physical inspection
  • Moisture and humidity measurements
  • Water damage inspection
  • Mold growth assessment
  • Assessment of HVAC and wall and ceiling cavities
  • Condensation assessment
  • Bulk, air, and swab mold sampling
  • Documentation for litigation
  • Health concern response
  • Remediation monitoring

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