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The ChemScope on site laboratory performs analysis for asbestos.

Asbestos Bulk:

  • Asbestos is determined in bulk materials by EPA method # 600/R-93/116, polarized light microscopy (PLM) with dispersion staining.
  • The Chem Scope laboratory meets the accreditation requirements for running samples from schools and other facilities pursuant to 40 CFR 763 and the accreditation and proficiency requirements specified in CFR 29 1926.1101.
  • Chem Scope, Inc is a NIST/NVLAP Accredited Laboratory #101061-0.
  • Chem Scope, Inc. is an AIHA-LAP, LLC (American Industrial Hygiene Association LAB ACCREDITATION PROGRAM) for Industrial Hygiene. Laboratory ID# 100134.
  • Chem Scope, Inc. is a State of Connecticut Department of Public Health Approved Environmental Laboratory for Air - Fiber counting and Bulk - Identification.

Asbestos Airborne fibers:

  • Determined in air samples by NIOSH 7400 using phase contrast microscopy (PCM). This is done at the laboratory or in the field. We have 6 portable labs which can be operated simultaneously by qualified analysts at various locations throughout the state. This method counts all fibers greater than 5 microns in length including asbestos.
  • Determined in air samples by Differential Counting on request.
  • The Chem Scope laboratory is AIHA-LAP, LLC accredited in the industrial hygiene program.

The laboratory is manned on a routine 5 day schedule from 8AM to 5PM and is available for off hours on request over weekends or holidays.